SUMS is a single system which can be easily embedded into the heart of your organisation. Created by students' unions, for students' unions, SUMS uses pioneering, data-driven technology to organise and understand your student membership, meaning that you can focus on what truly matters: the student experience.

Take your union to the next level.

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Introduction to SUMS

The Students’ Union Management System (SUMS) uses innovative technology to understand, organise, and utilise your student membership data

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An ever-growing, ever-evolving platform designed to stay on the cutting edge of the needs of your membership.

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Easy to use. Simple to learn. Quick to implement. Managing your membership has never been easier.

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SUMS works with its users to ensure that its platform is optimised and perfectly crafted to deliver its services.

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Using data to make informed, effective decisions. Never have you felt closer to your members.

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Digital Solution

Helping to take your Students’ Union services online.

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Supported by documentation, page tours and support desk. Getting you the answers you need, in the time you need it.

What SUMS can do for you

SUMS has a plethora of features which bring you closer to the heart of your membership. Each module is intelligently linked to allow your organisation to be as effective as possible.

Get to know your members...

Talk to your members...

Use digital tools to represent and advise your members...

Get your members involved...

Run your union...

...and much more

Key Statistics

The Students’ Union Management System (SUMS) is dedicated to supporting student engagement



Engaged with the platform over 12 different students' unions


Election Votes

Unique student votes in various democratic elections


Activity Memberships

Members participating in different sports and societies

£10 Million


Sales processed within EPOS over the past academic year

Who we are

We are a dynamic team, working hard to deliver an exciting, sector leading product, to help deliver a first class student experience.

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James Brooks

Managing Director

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Jennifer Barnes

Head of Student Voice & Insight

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Alan Bage

IT & Data Manager

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Jason Townsend

IT Operations Manager

Managerial Team
Joe Henson's picture

Joe Henson

Senior Software Developer

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Joe Bocock

Senior Software Developer

Sam Cowdroy's picture

Sam Cowdroy

Software Developer

Kryspin Parchliniak's picture

Kryspin Parchliniak

Junior Software Developer


if you are interested in working with us, please let us know, by emailing [email protected]

Interested in SUMS?

SUMS is a social enterprise developed by a leading, professional team. Not only are we nationally recognised for our student engagement practices, we also value customer service at the heart of what we provide and are careful to ensure that we always have enough staff to support this. We encourage peer-to-peer collaboration with users, and have a team of developers at the ready for any additional help required along the way.

We are looking to bring more partners onto the platform. If you are interested in finding out more, or have any general queries, let us know.


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